Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hello Again

This holiday between shopping on Oxford St and beaching on the Italian Riviera I had a lot of thinking time to do (as one does). And I got to thinking about this blog and why I haven't posted since May 26. First I felt sad, then I felt guilty (we all know what a bore that can be) and then I came up with an excuse I thought was rather nice which I'll share with you: It got too personal. I think my dad tried to ask me if I was gay because of this (in all fairness it is a rather unfortunately placed comma), people thought I was sad because of this, i got called "quite intense" I'm pretty sure because of this. And I started to worry that everything I posted would be taken literally so I started to censor myself which, in turn, kind of killed my creativity. But now I'm back (uncensored). I hope you're glad. I am. And please, comment. But don't ask me what I mean or who I'm talking about, because often it's nothing or no one at all.